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Anthony Romagnoli

What is Lost in Remnants?

Lost in Remnants is a game shrouded in mystery. The character doesn't even remember their own name. Maybe if you spend some time to look around you'll find some answers.

Is there anything I should know?

You should know that this game has no true ending. The game ends when you choose to stop playing. When you finish playing, you should think about what you just read and learned and try to piece together what is going on in this world. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Where do I play?

The game is setup on a website called itch.io! If you click the Lost in Remnants logo at the top, you'll be redirected to the webpage! You can also click on the itch website logo below to go to the webpage.

How do I play?

Information on how to play can be found on the itch.io page. 



Play the Game Here!


Concept, Models, Story, Textures, and Images

Anthony Romagnoli

First Person Camera Script

Standard Assets ( for Unity 2018.4)

by Unity Technologies


Available on the Unity Asset Marketplace 

Rain Audio File

Arctura on freesound.org

AMBIENT - Rain - On Pavement



Abigail Hodsdon

Arturo Calderón-Caswell

Chris Bolainez

Dallas Bird

Daniel Toro

Diego Diaz

Dustin Layme

Dylan Twomey

Eddie Gajda

Logan Goodmanson

Luc Wetherbee

Mac Carr

Natasha Noll

Sami Chebib

Samuel Otto

Seamus Tynan

Thomas Downey